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Charles McKinley Dunn

This blog is dedicated to my late father, Charlie Dunn. His life long attitude to learning new concepts stays with me everyday; encouraging me to keep learning.

For close to 30 years I've always loved taking informal snaps of family, friends and holidays. My attempts were a far shot from the imagines I really wanted to be taking and Dad taught me you are never too old to learn new tricks.  With inheritance money (thanks again Dad,) I invested in a new camera.  Starting in 2016, armed with my a new camera and the ambition to improve my pictures; I now spend much of my free time researching and trialing photography techniques new to me.

Ashleigh McDowell

This blog captures what I learned and is primarily aimed as my legacy to my  daughter Ashleigh McDowell. Ashleigh  shares my interest in taking pictures;  my hope is Dad's life long attitude to learning will pass through to another generation.  I'm also hoping whoever comes to read this blog will learn something beneficial to them, and if you want to know more . .please leave me a comment below.


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